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  • Enjoy 24/7 online access:  Access your information online at any time, every day of the week
  • Complete your online application in only minutes providing the information without having to go to the Bank
  • Upload and review documents from your personal computer, smartphone or tablet in a secure platform, by conveniently uploading a picture or scanning
  • Choose the eConsent option for a total digital experience throughout the process
  • Electronically sign (eSign) to receive and upload disclosures and documents
  • Get real-time notifications on the status of your loan throughout the process
  • Easily locate your Loan Officer’s contact information so that you can have the help and personal contact you want 
  • Feel confident that your personal information is in a certified Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) site
  • Get to know the mortgage loan product alternatives that we have for you so you can analyze and compare them
  • Find your application summary along with your Loan Officer’s contact information
  • Review all your loan application details to make sure you completed all required information
  • Receive notifications from your Loan Officer regarding your application
  • Easily identify all application tasks so that you can complete them and expedite the process
  • Access a list to view all documents that have been uploaded to the system

Required documents

It’s best to be well informed when you are ready to purchase your home.  Below, you will find a list of all the documents the Bank requires in order to process your mortgage loan.

Here you will find:

  • Basic documents required
  • Additional documents for unique cases

Documents the Bank will require


Be ready

Whether you are buying or refinancing, Mortgage banks will need all of your financial information. This allows them to help you during the process. If you get ready beforehand by gathering all the required information before speaking with your Mortgage Consultant, it will help you speed up the process.  

Basic documents required:


  • Full application
  • Payment in check made out to FirstMortgage to cover initial expenses related to your transaction
  • Authorization to pull credit
  • Letter stating the purpose of the loan
  • Explanatory letter and evidence and of any adverse credit situation
  • Copy of two (2) valid identifications, such as: driver’s license, passport, Social Security card, among others


  • Recent paycheck stubs covering a 30-day period
  • Certification of employment, Social Security pension, AEELA, VA, or as applicable
  • Recent financial statements covering a 24-month period, if you are self-employed (certified by a Certified Public Accountant)
  • Wage and Tax Statements (W-2 form) for the last two (2) years


  • Copy of the latest bank statements or copy of the certificate of deposit, IRA account, etc., that shows the assets that will be used for the transaction
  • Copy of the deed of the property to be financed


  • Copy of the property tax (CRIM) notice or property registry number
  • Mortgage pay-off balance (if applicable)

Additional documents required applicable to your case:


  • Certificate of eligibility – Veterans
  • Copy of divorce decree with certified stipulations


  • Rental contract
  • Evidence of additional income, such as federal or state pensions, child support, and/or ASUME certification


  • Gift letter
  • Copy of the check given as a down payment and its source of funds 


  • Copy of the sales agreement contract
  • Homeowner Association (HOA) letter confirming payment of maintenance fees
  • Fire, hurricane, earthquake, and flood insurance policy information
  • Other documents may be determined

Manage your FirstBank loan

Manage your mortgage loan online with FirstBank in the most convenient way for you, from your computer, tablet, or mobile telephone.

Start enjoying the convenience of accessing your FirstBank mortgage from home, without going to the branch! Downloading documents, making payments and accessing all your loan information has never been easier.

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Access our services to manage your FirstBank loan mortgage.  Receive your digital statements just by giving electronic consent. To download a step by step guide on how to register, click here.

  • Download the following available documents 24/7. Accessible documents include:
    • Annual mortgage interest statement, 480.7A/ 1098
    • Letters regarding your mortgage loan
    • Monthly Statement
    • Escrow Statement
    • ARM (Interest Change Notice)
    • Request copies of documents
  • Payments
    • Pay and schedule your monthly payments electronically
    • Request mortgage assistance or loss mitigation program
    • Request payment slips
  • All about your mortgage
    • Verify payment history
    • View payments made from reserve account for insurance and contributions
    • Obtain principal balance
    • View and request amortization tables

Manage your FirstBank mortgage loan in the most convenient and easy way for you.


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