Which home can I buy?

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Obtaining the mortgage loan and interest rates that better fit your budget is one of the most important steps when buying a home. Your mortgage payment is the largest financial commitment of your home expenses. Selecting a home you can easily afford is crucial to keeping it.

Here you will learn:

  • How much can you pay
  • Your monthly budget
  • Your current financial situation
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Spend less than 43% of your income


Experts recommend that as the buyer you should analyze your income and expenses in order to determine how much you can pay for your home. The rule of not spending more than 43% of your income on monthly payments guarantees a healthy financial status, as well as sufficient funds for emergencies, unforeseen expenses, and retirement savings.

Using our Mortgage Calculator, enter your numbers and analyze if you are able to make the principal and interest payment for the mortgage to purchase the property you are looking for. The following basic tips will also be helpful when buying your home:

  • Choose a home you can afford

You need to know how much money you have to buy a property, including the amount you could get from your financial institution. Start with our Mortgage Calculator, or make an appointment with our Mortgage Consultants today.

  • Analyze your monthly expenses

Make a list of your fixed expenditures and add the monthly amount you would have to pay for the home. If necessary, consider reorganizing your priorities to make sure you can meet your monthly mortgage payment.

  • Evaluate the home you want

Make a list of your needs and expectations for your own home. Analyze the location, number of rooms and bathrooms, type of structure, if it has a yard, parking area, among other features.

  • Protect your credit

Your income and your credit history are the most important elements taken into account when buying a home. Get informed about your credit score and make a payment plan to improve it if necessary.

  • Pre-qualify

Learn about pre-qualification process, and get information regarding your current chances of obtaining a mortgage loan.