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Interest Rates
FHA 30 Years Annual interest: 4.750%
Conventional 30 Years Annual interest: 5.125%
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All offers, types, terms and conditions of the mortgage loans are subject to credit approval. For loan applications originating from January 30, 2023 through February 04, 2023 and closing on or before 45 days from the date of mortgage loan origination. If the transaction is not closed within 45 day period, the interest rate may change, depending on the market conditions. 15-year and 30-year offers apply for customers with a credit rating of 740 or higher and credit history (0,0,0), for conforming loans that are Approved Eligible under Fannie Mae’s DU program. Loan amount from $75,000 to $726,200. Offers for conventional conforming loans apply up to 60% LTV. Conventional conforming loans whose LTV exceeds 80%, will require additional approval of a private mortgage insurance. Offers for conforming loans apply to properties with only one unit. Purchase with an LTV higher than 60% carry an additional Loan Level Price Adjustment cost. Additional costs apply for refinancing. For a conventional 30-year loan 1.750% will be honored under the prevailing interest at closing time. For a conventional 15-year loan 2.125% will be honored under the prevailing interest at closing time. For an FHA 30-year loan 1.750% will be honored under the prevailing interest at closing time. Offer for loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) from $75,000 to the established limit for each municipality, with a maximum of 96.5% of purchase price or appraisal (LTV), whatever is lowest for the sale of a new or existing home. For refinance without surplus up to a maximum of 97.75% and for refinance with surplus up to 85%. This product requires FHA mortgage insurance. Offer subject to the delivery of requested documents and credit approval according to parameters established under FirstMortgage and the Federal Housing Administration. Subsequent offers may invalidate these offers. Other conditions apply according to the criteria established by FirstMortgage. For loans over $726,200 or when the property is in a condominium other offers apply. Certain restrictions apply. FirstMortgage is a division of FirstBank Puerto Rico. FirstBank is an FDIC Member. OCIF Lic. B-31.